In addition to gastrointestinal diseases, respiratory problems are the most important health challenge for livestock. PHYTOsolvan® with its unique, innovative herbal formula improves the palatability of the feed and supports the respiratory functions in ruminants, pigs and poultry.

Respiratory Health –
Herbal power for free breathing

The effectiveness of the natural essential oils and herbal extracts it contains has been proven in science and practice. The positive influence on the barn air and the barn climate improves the well-being of the animals - for free breathing.

Thyme oil and anise oil as the main active ingredients, combined with other essential oils and extracts that have a synergistic or complementary effect result in the unique herbal formula of PHYTOsolvan®. All essential oils and extracts are purely natural and strictly selected according to our own guidelines and specifications. For maximum product safety and reliability.

precision and reliability

All raw materials and carriers that go beyond our innovative herbal formula are only sourced from established, certified and leading suppliers. All processes are controlled and documented by an integrated electronic production control and quality management program - from goods receipt through production and storage to shipping to you.

Your trust proves us right: As one of the world's leading companies for botanical active ingredients in the field of animal feed, we offer healthy alternatives for keeping your livestock healthy. That's what we stand for.

What customers say about PHYTOsolvan®

“Due to problems with the climate control at day 33, the broilers (Hubbard) suffered from temperature stress. The feed intake decreased from approx. 110g to 100g per animal and day.
By administering PHYTOsolvan® Liquid, the target curve (approx. 130g/animal and day) was reached again just three days later.”

Operation with 160.000 broilers in LK Emsland

"By administering PHYTOsolvan® Liquid when the pullets (Lohmann) were housed, we were able to observe a 6g higher feed intake per animal and day."

Farm with 24.000 laying hens in barn systems in Schleswig-Holstein

“Our laying hens often have respiratory problems, especially wheezing and nasal discharge. With PHYTOsolvan® Liquid we noticed a clear alleviation of the symptoms after a short time. No drug treatment was required.”

Owner of a medium-sized farm: 250ml / 1.000L of water

"Respiratory problems in turkeys that started at an early stage could be stopped with PHYTOsolvan® Liquid, so that no infection occurred and no further treatment was necessary."

Operation with 14.000 turkey chicks and 8.000 fattening turkeys in Lower Saxony

“Incipient coughing was observed in 40-day-old piglets (Pietrain). Due to the preventive treatment with PHYTOsolvan® Liquid, the feed intake was 2% higher and the cough did not catch on."

Farm with 200 breeding sows in the LK Emslandfzuchtferkel: 350ml / 1.000L water 8 days

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thyme oil

Antispasmodic and effective, promotes blood circulation and has an antispasmodic effect. Thanks to these properties, the essential oil has long been used successfully for stomach and intestinal problems as well as colds.

Anise essential oil also benefits the respiratory tract by promoting the expectoration of bronchial secretions. In addition, the sweet, aromatic essential oil has an antispasmodic and cough-relieving effect and is also often used to treat catarrh of the respiratory tract.

The essential oil of the blue chamomile is part of the PHYTOsolvan® liquid. It contains various bioactive components such as chamazulene, bisabolol, matricin and apigenin glucoside and is particularly known for its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. 

Likewise, when developing the PHYTOsolvan product, a specific combination of herbal extracts was selected, which has been proven to have a corresponding effect on respiratory diseases. The anti-inflammatory effect of these herbs can reduce irritation and inflammation in the mouth and throat. The secretion of mucus from the trachea is stimulated, which can reduce the occurrence of dry cough.