We have developed EQUIsolvan® as a series of highly effective supplementary feeds for leisure and sport horses based on valuable ingredients and components.

Naturally. effective.
For my horse.

Our EQUIsolvan® products combine different essential oils and plant extracts in their unique combination and have a supportive effect against respiratory and gastrointestinal problems. For the well-being and health of your horse.


Plant-based ingredients have been used to support health for thousands of years. This is exactly why we rely on the power of natural plant substances. The combination of all-natural essential oils enables us to make the best ingredients available to your horse - in their most concentrated form.


In the end, the effect decides - our motivation to do everything in development to create a well-tolerated, natural and at the same time highly effective product. Just a drop of essential oils contains the pure power of nature - a valuable and strong natural product.
The dosage and composition of our products are based on years of experience and are the result of intensive research and research. The effectiveness of the ingredients is scientifically proven.

For your horse.

You know your horse best. Preferably in top form, of course. Nevertheless, there are often stressful situations, which is why we developed EQUIsolvan® with a great deal of care and experience. Because the well-being of your horse is important to us.

EQUIsolvan® for free airways

Respiratory problems are one of the most important health challenges for horses.
EQUIsolvan® Respire and EQUIsolvan® Respire PLUS are supplementary feeds with high-quality essential oils and plant extracts to support your horse's respiratory function.

EQUIsolvan® for gastrointestinal stability

Gastrointestinal complaints are among the most important health challenges for horses.
EQUIsolvan® Digest is a supplementary feed for your horse with high-quality essential oils and valuable vegetable oils to support the gastrointestinal area.

EQUIsolvan® products



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VAT included